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Beautiful USB-C data and charging cable from Orico. Suitable for charging phones and tablets with Type-C connection and transferring data. Equipped with pointed denim fabric. Performance is also optimized by the fast charge technology.

 Type-C charging and data cable - 1M - black

Do you have a device with a USB-C connection, which you would like to charge with a quality and beautiful cable? And do you also want data transfer to take place? Then this stylish Type-C cable is the product that you can purchase. Has a length of 100 centimeters.

2.4A fast charge technique
To charge a phone, at least 1A must be supported. 2.4A applies to a laptop. So you can use this Type-C cable, all kinds of smartphones and tablets with USB-C connection stable and fast charging. The connected device is recognized and thus the correct amount of power is automatically supplied. Thanks to fast charging technology, performance is optimized and your device is fully charged up to 30% faster.

Woven denim fabric
What is really cool about this Type-C cable from Orico is that it is not only made of TPE, but is also coated with high quality woven denim fabric. This makes the cable dirt-resistant, wear-resistant, solid and no wrinkles or knots in the cable. Besides the practical side it also looks very nice.

High quality materials
As mentioned above, the outside of the cable is made of high-quality woven denim. The inside of the cable is also of a very good quality. Through the thick and oxygen-free copper, nickel-plated connectors and the aluminum insulation, the performance is optimized, allowing you to benefit from a stable and secure connection. The housing is made of metal, which is very sturdy and scratch-free.

Beautiful design
The denim look and the modern black color ensure that the product is already beautiful to see. The zinc casings in titanium color and the nicely rounded corners complete the product. The Orico Type-C cable is beautiful in any environment.

Product specifications:
✔ USB-C charging and data cable.
✔ Input: USB 2.0 Type-A.
✔ Output: Type-C.
✔ Material: zinc, TPE, woven denim fabric.
✔ 2.4 Amp.
✔ For charging tablets + smartphones.
✔ Fast Charge technology.
✔ Durable.
✔ Length: 1 meter.
✔ Color: black.
✔ Weight: 22 grams.

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