D-Link Wireless N Access Point

D-Link Wireless N Access Point
D-Link Wireless N Access Point D-Link Wireless N Access Point
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Extend the range of your existing network. Get setup with the touch of a button. Connect a wired device to a wireless network with Bridge Mode.

What this product does:
The wireless N Access Point (DAP-1360) enables you to extend your existing wireless network coverage by placing the wireless N Access Point in between your router and where you'd like to get wireless, you can get up to 300Mbps of solid bandwidth anywhere in your home. This is great for basements, home offices, offices, bedrooms and other locations that might be distant from your router.

Different modes to fit your networking needs:

Range Extender Mode: To extend the range of your wireless network to hard-to-reach corners of your home and office.

Access Point Mode: Use Access Point mode to add wireless to your existing wired network simply by connecting the Wireless N Access Point to your router.

Bridge Mode: Use the bridge Mode to create a bridge between two wireless networks, or set up as a Wireless Access Point for easy connections to the wireless devices in your home or office.

Wireless Client Mode: Connect an Ethernet-enabled gaming console such as a Xbox 360 to the DAP-1360 to access the internet.


IEEE 802.11 n/g Compliant
One 10/100 LAN Port
Supports Secure Wireless Encryption Using WPA or WPA2 Security
WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) Push Button

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